Lack of sleep is such a powerful enemy.

Eyes are awake, sight asleep.

Thoughts splendid, action limited.

Projects piled, progress exiled.

Deadlines nearer and nearer, papers still blank there.

This afternoon I suddenly asked myself:

Were those masters got blind because they overused their eyes?

I found the screen flashing sometimes.

Or, it was the LCD's fault?

Or both...

Um, another 5 papers to do this week. Yes, this week if possible.

I don't want to get busier next week with another 2 papers coming.

And next week, I will know the result. Whether I become a Economics minor or not.

Till now, I am sure I haven't wasted as much time as I did last term.

I play games less, watch fewer movies, read magazines or newspapers for much shorter time...

One thing I am not going to change is to keep reading what I like and what I would like to read. Literature, philosophy or any other thing, as long as it leaves me something to think about.

For the first time, I begin to read Lu Xun.


Some articles he viewed as "dark" ones. In fact they are about darkness. The difference is they seem to be darker than the others of the same author.

Now I'm working on Romantic poems, reading William Blake and then Shelley and Keats soon. I used not to be interested in poetry. In fact, I am still not interested in it at the moment. I found, however,  something other than poetry in the poems. They, at first sight, caught my attention. I will look deeper into it to check if I have fell in love with poetry all of a sudden^^