On the course of Western Literature

Selected the Western Literature, cuz it is taught by an Englishman, unlike many other similar courses almost sharing the same name as this one.

Compared to the other course I've chosen, "西方文学思潮与作品", i find myself so lucky to have selected the WL at the same time so that I won't be worrying about reading all day without knowing why the author wrote the words and sentences the way he wrote them.

I got a photocopy of the abstracts from books i will be reading this term last Friday. 5 cents a page, quite cheap... but all the "abstracts" added up to 65RMB... i don't know whether i can read the first one of five volumes by the end of this week, that is, the deadline...

Reading is rewarding, but meanwhile, exhausting...

I will try my best not to be defeated by those books written in English from cover to cover~

Had a fairly good birthday, thank you all!