recently i've been reading a lot of stuffs

recently i'm feeling a little bit weary

recently i find it hard to concentrate on study for over an hour, but get more work done than before

recently i do not stay up late at night

such changes may have made me a bit different

but that's not what i mean

i'm trying to get over it

forgive me for my bad temper

it troubles not only you but me as well

loads being heavier and heavier

they are there

should not i neglect them

but finish as much as possible required of me

that is the way out

sometimes i feel tired of studying or solving those calculus or algebra problems

then i choose to rest for a while

that is not wasting time

it is surely listed in my schedule

i know what i want and therefore i know what to do

seemingly careless and forgetful

but those really important issues

i keep them in mind

i have to do a better job in class

as long as this does not end something

doing the right thing may not make others satisfied

no mistakes won't promise the ideal response

it depends on others' mood

it depends on the way things are done

and a lot more

quite a complex thing

understand me?