This post shows how to solve (partially) the "Symbol loopup error: undefined symbol ..." error.

I am currently working on a project which uses Google Logging Library (glog). The project is built with CMake. With the help of FindGlog.cmake, path to glog library is automatically found and set during configure.

Everything works just fine for the executable binary in the build directory. But after I run make install and run it in the installed dir, it says it cannot find some symbol "...alsologtostderr...".

With ldd, I find out the two binaries use libraries from different paths:

Obviously one of them finds glog at /usr/local/lib and the other at /usr/lib64.

I built and installed glog to /usr/local/lib and that is what CMake found. I do not know where the latter one comes from. There is no libglog found with yum search.

To solve the problem, I made a backup of /usr/lib64/, replaced it with the copy in /usr/local/lib and the installed program runs without the error.

My exploration ends here. If you know why there is a different in search paths before/after the install process, you are more than welcome to leave a comment.